Smart About Sweeteners: Top 5 Reasons we use Smart Sweeteners

03/17/2015UncategorizedBy Caribe Juice

Caribé’s nutritionist, Caitlin Howell, weighs in on the top five reasons we utilize smart sweeteners: erythritol, stevia extract and monk fruit extract in our lite line of Caribé juices.

1.  All three sweeteners are all-natural. Erythritol is naturally occurring in grapes and watermelon, sake and wine; stevia extract is from the stevia plant, a member of the sunflower native to parts of Central and South America and monk fruit extract comes directly from the monk fruit, (a melon-like gourd native to China & Southeast Asia).

2.  All three sweeteners are derived from Non-GMO plants.

3. All three sweeteners are naturally low calorie; stevia and monk fruit are zero calorie.

4. Erythritol is not a sugar molecule, but actually a sugar alcohol, meaning it doesn’t absorb in the body the way sugar does, and therefore has less effect on blood sugar levels.

5. Stevia and Monk Fruit have been used for centuries as sweeteners for beverages. The sweet taste is a result of sweet-tasting compounds in the plants, but not the actual sugar, which explains their zero-calorie feature.